The Chautauqua Art Trail Hub Crawl is taking place Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, join us as the President of the North Shore Arts Alliance, Marcia Merrins, will be our guest speaker and tell us more about this eclectic annual event!
Marcia Merrins is the proud owner of Niti Griti Works since 2009 and the President of the North Shore Arts Council
In Marcia's words:
A raku face becomes a personality.
A platter becomes a canvas.
Bowls wearing shoes become people.

My creative side was on the backburner of my life until fairly recently. With a steady nurturer in the guise of Ron Nasca, the door to the ceramics world has opened. Footed bowls become a palette for my whimsy as well as beloved personalities. Sculptured animals make me smile.
Kniti Griti Works reflects my imagination. Playing in the mud (grit) provides relaxation and amusement. It’s like being in kindergarten again.

For me, raku firing is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. After I place the tiles or small sculptures into my small kiln, I anticipate the final moments when the glazes are glossy. I remove the pieces, feeling the heat and hearing the pings of the rapid cooling. I toss them into the dried leaves covered with smoke and flame. After waiting a few minutes, I await the surprises as I clean off the ravages of fire and smile.
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